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The Best Superfoods (redirected from The)

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Superfoods is one of the vital processes that human beings must do every day to guarantee cell renewal and to be able to carry out the tasks of their daily routine. Based on this we can say that the ultimate purpose of superfood is to nourish our bodies. Mostly raw foods that is more nutrient-dense than processed and cooked foods. Rich in enzymes, they are also packed with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and phytochemicals, which help protect us against disease. In short, these are foods with a nutritional value above the average and that, incorporated in our daily diet, guarantee the main objective of food, to nourish our body in a sustainable and adequate way.




This vegetable, which, in appearance and color, could well be confused with the well-known broccoli, constitutes one of the best superfoods for the prevention of colon, stomach and lung cancer, as it contains sinigrin, a chemical compound that favors the elimination of precancerous cells. If you are not a fan of broccoli, we may not have been convinced by these arguments, since by its appearance it could well be broccoli even though the bimi has a sweet and smooth flavor.




Although it is possibly the best superfood that we are going to analyze, since it was declared the best food for the future at the 1974 United Nations World Food Conference, it is perhaps one of the least known superfoods since its consumption is not generalized and it is usually marketed in specialized outlets, such as herbalists. We are facing blue-green algae with up to 70% proteins, these being of high quality because they are vegetable proteins, easier to digest. In addition to its high protein content, spirulina is rich in vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and omega 3 fatty acids.




We are facing a pseudo cereal, since, despite being a seed, it is consumed like a cereal. This seed contains a high percentage of complex carbohydrates, 16% protein and up to 6% fat, differentiating itself from other cereals due to its higher caloric intake. It stands out for its high fiber content, with up to 15 g per 100 of quinoa. High content of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc, vitamin B and E. Quinoa does not contain gluten, making it perfect for coeliacs. In addition, thanks to its low glycemic index, it can be incorporated into the diet of people with diabetes and high cholesterol levels.




One of the most used foods and of which we know the most about its nutritional benefits in our diet. There are countless recipes that can be prepared with this fruit and vegetable, but its widespread use for those who decide to take care of themselves as much as possible is focused on salads, where they provide an unmatched flavor, consistency and smoothness. If we focus on the qualities that make it a super food, it stands out for its high content of healthy fat, high content of magnesium and potassium, which help the immune, nervous and muscular systems.




If you are looking for a seed-shaped superfood that will satisfy your hunger every day before launching into the “forbidden foods” that we all know, this is the one we recommend, since it can absorb up to 10 times its volume in water, forming a gel with a great satiating effect. In addition to their satiating effect, these tiny seeds are a great source of fiber and antioxidants, calcium, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. We hope that now, that you already know some of the many superfoods that you can include in your diet, you will be encouraged to try them by making different recipes and experience the benefits that they bring you.


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